What is an electric vehicle (EV)?

EV’s are a form of transportation vehicles which does not rely on diesel or gasoline for power.  It uses electricity which does not emit any carbon emissions making it friendly for the environment. 

Who can use the EV charging service of Robinsons Malls?

Anyone with an electric vehicle or electric bike can use the charging stations.

How long will it take to charge an electric vehicle?

The charging time depends on the vehicles battery charging capacity.  The electric vehicle’s charging pod shall flash to green when the battery has been fully charged. 

The electric bike’s charging station is configured to charge a bike for 30 minutes for each coin dropped in the coin slot. A timer shall reflect the available eBike charging time as soon as a coin has been dropped in the coin slot.

How much does it cost to use the charging station?

Using the electric car charging station is FREE. 

Using the electric bike’s charging station requires the user to drop in a P1 coin that gives a 30-minute charging time.  A P5 and P10 coin is also accepted but will give the same amount of charging time.

Do I need to bring my eBike’s charger to use the charging station?

Yes.  The ebikes charging station is equipped with a power outlet which will charge the eBike as soon as a P1, P5 or P10 is dropped in the coin slot.

What is the voltage for the eBike charging pod?

The eBike charging pod is operated with 220 VAC/60 hertz power requirement.

Is it safe charge my EV?

The charging stations are built, tested and made safe for use by eSakay Inc.  The EV company of the Manila Electric Company.