The use of Robinsons Malls’ Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions which EVCS user shall be presumed to have read, understood and agree to abide.

EVCS user shall be responsible for the proper use of the EV Charging station in accordance with the instructions displayed at the station. EVCS user shall exercise diligence in determining if EVCS user’s vehicle is technically and electrically compatible with the charging station’s specifications. The care of the EVCS user’s electric vehicle while at the charging station shall be the sole responsibility of the EVCS user to the express exclusion of Robinsons Malls. Charging the EVCS user’s vehicle  must be in accordance with the user’s manual instructions  including the required specifications of EVCS user’s  electric vehicle.

The use of the EV Charging station is FREE. Robinsons Malls however reserves the right to charge for the service at any time in the future.

By using this EV Charging station, EVCS user agrees to indemnify Robinsons Malls, including Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) officials, directors, managers, supervisors, employees and representatives, for any injury, loss or damage incurred and sustained resulting from the improper use of the EV Charging Station, including but not limited to events of electrocution, physical injury, electric shock, damage to the electric vehicle etc.

EVCS user shall be liable to pay Robinsons Malls or any third party, if due to user’s negligence, lack of care, proper diligence or disregard to any of the Terms and Conditions as provided, causes damage to any of the facilities, appurtenances and accessories of the Robinsons Malls’ Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Robinsons Malls.

Robinsons Malls reserves the right to change these terms and conditions anytime. The user must be responsible for understanding the terms and conditions upon use of the charging stations. For more information on the terms and conditions, please contact Customer.Care@robinsonsland.com.

For technical support on the use of this charging station, please contact Robinsons Land’s charging station provider, eSakay from Mondays to Sundays at +63 949 880 5953 or email Robinsons Malls Customer Care at Customer.Care@robinsonsland.com.

You acknowledge that by using Robinsons Malls EV Charging Stations, you have read and agree to abide to the above terms and conditions.